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Welcome to Hodsim Ministry

HODSIM family prayer for you is that you may enter into your year of rest as the Lords eyes are on you to fulfill His promise to you. This year 2014, is an year of expectation of great manifestations of huge dreams and God's promises that you have carried for all those years. Proverbs 23.18, as you continue to be zealous for God, we agreed with you that your expectation as the righteous son/daughter of God, will not be cut off. 2012 was establishment of Government which is the body of Christ. We agree with you that as you have already been established, that you will continue to rise on higher until you become what God predestined of you before you were born. We pray that as you browse through the pages of this site, that your life be hidden in Christ as you get soaked in the anointing and the blood of the Most Precious Son of God, Jesus Christ. We decree over your life that things that you things that you have waited for almost the whole of your life to be fulfilled. May the Lord establish your dreams, your family, your marriage for those who are struggling in marriage., We decree that as you go ahead with your day, that the peace of God which surpasses human understanding will flood in every being of your soul. We bless the work of your hands decreeing that you shall bountifully reap in hundred folds for the glory of God. We thank God that you have taken time to visit our website. Be sure to watch our live Stream Tv to enjoy much more blessings.

-Bishop Warui and  Rev. Cathy